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Old Pro Foundation...a driving force in your business...

We are Old Pro Foundation, a charitable trust committed to develop skilled employable youth through quality education. Our prime motto is to develop youth through redefining and re-inventing the Education and its system.

The objectives of the Trust are wholly for the public and charitable purposes and incomes are applied for the same. Following are deemed to be the principal Objectives of Old Pro Foundation:-




  • India is the youngest country of the world, which creates an opportunity to have maximum human resource of the world. But due to lack of employment infrastructure and business opportunities most of our human resource is unutilized and waste. Moreover, our system focuses more on creating job seekers instead of job creators. In addition most of them do not suit the job or the profession they do.
  • This project targets college going youth, unemployed and working children as our prospective candidates and give them free entrepreneurial workshops, so that they can start their own business and further provide job opportunities to the financially or educationally disadvantaged youth.
  • We seek the support of small scale Industries department, handicraft department, Khadi ,GramUdhyog, NGO’s, Banks and other related departments to conduct such workshops.This workshop also provide learning opportunities in different areas including basic management, sales and personality development.


Sponsor a Child

  • While it’s not always easy to adopt a child, almost anybody can sponsor a child through Old Pro Foundation. Your support will provide those medical checkups, nutrias food,school and professional education assistance till the time they become self-dependent. When you sponsor a child, you will receive your child’s photo and personal story. Sponsoring a child is different because it allows the child to remain with their family and friends in their home. You provide vital financial assistance, and you have the opportunity to write letters and develop a close relationship. You can even visit your sponsored child if you want!
  • For sponsorship the foundation will nominate the economic disadvantaged child who is academically high achiever and possess exemplary leadership qualities.
  • Thomas Jefferson wrote 100 years ago “…that the children of the poor must be thus educated at common expense.”




Innovation and Experimentation in Education

  • Study after study has shown that the true indicator of economic development in a country is education and well being of its people. Although, India has made rapid economic progress over the last three decades, one area that has not received enough attention is the quality of education.
  • The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) and Pratham’s Annual Status of Education Report, indicates there has been little attempt by educators in the country to improve education.
  • In fact, the former Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University bemoaned the fact that a large majority of students in the university were un-employable because of their inability to apply their knowledge in real life situations. This is because of a poor foundation in schools, where the emphasis is more on rote learning, rather than testing a student’s creative skills.
  • Society must understand that education is the transfer of way of life and above system is ill suited to the needs of modern society. Education should be about the holistic exposure to all facets of life. It should be the force for peace, a means to overcome prejudice. But the material world doesn’t reward these qualities! The present scenario in Indian education system is very critical. It needs reforms and innovations in the field of education. It needs innovative educators and institutions.
  • Old Pro Foundation promotes innovation and experimentation in education by :- a) Giving Awards and Recognition to Innovators
    b) Organizing Conferences and Workshops
    c) Research and Implementation



  • Education is the “joint responsibility” of government and private institutions. But unfortunately, neither partner is satisfied with the present position and each of them has a number of charges to make against the other. It would be no exaggeration to say that it is this conflict and contradiction in the present position which is at the root of most of our administrative difficulties and it is for the solution of these troubles that role of government in education has to be properly defined as early as possible.
  • In order to pose correctly the complex problems involved in this issue and to arrive at some tentative solutions, it is necessary to maintain a dialogue between government and private institutions. The foundation plans to organize frequent talks and seminars with government and education department authorities, so that no conflict develops due to miscommunication.




Support Government

  • Offer help to the authorities in forming policies for the development of education and youth.

Social awareness

  • Through media and events spread awareness on issues related to youth and education.


  • Raise voice against the policies or the circumstances that may hamper education or youth welfare.




The foundation does not seek any monetary contribution from anyone. It shall generate funds through:-

  • Contribution from the members
  • Event Sponsors for conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Fund raiser events

To raise funds for events, we host fund raising events in schools and colleges such as a Diwali fete, exhibitions, competitions and selling products/services.


Would you allow us to do so?

  • We would need space to organize workshops and talks. For which we expect institutions to provide us the space and facilities. They need not to pay us anything.


Would you like to associate with us?

  • We request society and Institutions to sponsor a child individually or collaboratively to meet his/her expenses. Amount will be directly transferred to the beneficiary’s account. No transaction will be made with the foundation.


Would you like to bring change in somebody’s life?